Blaring the Horn for Food Trucks

by David Saxin the New York Times LOS ANGELES — Sitting on his sofa in the Venice section of this city, Matt Geller let out an exasperated sigh as he spoke to a familiar official from the county health department. Food trucks represented by Mr. Geller’s group, the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association, had been caught dumping waste water down…

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Competition from Food Trucks is Good for the Marketplace

Original post date: July 20, 2011 – Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association website By Jeff Dermer, SoCalMFVA Attorney with the law firm of Dermer Behrendt The blogosphere and mainstream media has been recycling the same, poorly-reason analysis about how “unfair” competition from Gourmet Food Trucks is “bad for the local economy” and therefore discriminatory regulations that have the effect of…

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A culinary movement that will leave you INSPI(RED). WHAT is EAT (RED). DRINK (RED). SAVE LIVES? From June 1 – June 10, dining establishments ranging from Food Trucks to Michelin rated restaurants to food markets are being invited to participate in the largest combined food service fundraising campaign EVER! Renowned Chef MARIO BATALI is leading the charge in this year’s EAT…

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What Can Chef Do for the Food Truck Industry?

Chef stars Jon Favreau as Carl Casper, a previously renowned chef turned play-it-safe cook.  When a reviewer slams Casper’s food as being the run of the mill faire, he gets in a social media flame war that eventually leaves him jobless.  Casper turns to a food truck to save his tail spinning career. When I first heard that Favreau was directing Chef,  I was…

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Changes for Columbus Food Trucks

Brian Reed of Mojo TaGO contacted me in February 2012.  He was concerned about the inability of food trucks to do business in parts of Columbus and impending new regulations that could hurt the fledgling industry.  We had a long conversation about some of the successes in Southern California and I recommended that the food trucks of Columbus start an Association….

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